Top 10 of the Best Vegan Recipes !

Vegan Recipes

Hello everyone !

So you might have discovered me through my Instagram account I launched a while ago called « Vegan Love Apparel ». I am really proud since veganism takes such a huge part in my life ! Beside my website, I wanted to create a blog to share some content with you for a long time now but I couldn’t either find the time or the right moment to launch it but here it is.. I hope you’ll like it as much as I do love posting tips for you :) 


This week went by soooo fast. Where did it go really.. ? I hope you’ll have a great weekend with your loved ones :)


I had some amazing meals lately and I just wanted to share those with you. I am not a huge fan of meat substitute or tofu, I just do not like the taste, so the recipes will most of time include grains, veggies and fresh products. Since I am a college student, I prefer to cook my own food and I have been trying some that you will probably LOVE as I do.


Here is for you my Top 10 vegan recipes, easy to do, from breakfast to dinner. :)

We'll go from 10 to 1 to keep it mysterious haha 


10) Coconut Quinoa with curry, roasted cauliflower


I wanted a good recipe for dinner since I was having some friends over and I wanted it to be vegan of course and I just loved this indian inspiration quinoa recipe with roasted cauliflowers (which are also my favorites after broccolis !!). The coconut milk is sweet enough to balance with the spicy Indian flavors, and creamy to go with the crispy mixed greens. Love it !

9) Raw Raspberry Tarts

Those raspberry tarts are the easiest to do since they’re completely no-bake and I believe that this recipe will please anyone who will test it since it’s vegan and gluten-free !

Plus it’s just super pretty and colourful !!

8) Potato Pancakes

Don’t you feel worthless when you open the fridge and find out that you’re out of almost everything ? This recipe is perfect because it requires simple ingredients and it’s super easy to do. If you like jalapeño, jump in !


7) Vegan Buddha Bowl


People usually say that vegan food isn’t filling enough and I bet this recipe would change their way about it.
Quinoa enhances the crispy spiced chickpeas, avocado – well… avocado is just obviously part of my bowl, with a side of mixed greens topped with a flavored and spicy red pepper sauce for those who like it !


6) Quinoa Broccoli Tots 

Ok so this one is also part of my top 10 because I just looooove broccolis. I used to believe there were small trees when I was a kid and I guess it just made me love them more. I found out this recipe that differs to my usual steamed broccolis. Vegan. Tasty. Clean = Perfect !


5)  Fresh Fig and Banana Smoothie 

Smoothies are everything that’s right when all goes wrong. The one I picked is perfectly balanced with the fig (usually in autumn though..) and banana. It’s filling and sweet enough so no sweetener needed at all ! It’s 100% vegan and gluten-free and it is just incredible !! :)


4) Spinach and Artichoke Pasta 

I could eat pasta at every meal, and it necessarily needed to appear in this top 10 for that obvious reason ! I found out this delicious recipe that involves greens (spinach and artichoke) and whole weat pasta and it is perfectly healthy. Super creamy and tasty !


3) Best Vegan Wrap Ever !

I tried this one last weekend because I was starving for a wrap and wanted a filling meal. I fell in love with the perfect combination of the roasted potatoes (the touch of paprika is the key !!) and hummus. The actual recipe is with guacamole so I suggest you try it as well J
Totally healthy and yummy !


2) Chocolate Chip Cookies

THIS is probably the best recipe ever for cookies lovers (me included !!)
The perfection with those is that they respect the ultimate need : crispy on the outside and chewy in the middle.
If you manage to not eat all the cookie dough, let me know haha

 1) The Quick & easy Avocado Toast


You might think that this is not a recipe because of all the versions that exist of it but you would be wrong. I am always on-the-go but it does not mean that I am supposed to make it simple hence tasteless. I found out this nourishing and gourmet fancy recipe to make the perfect avocado toast as a breakfast/snack !



Hope you liked my top 10 and will try it your way ! Please let me know ;)

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